The Recency Effect

Of course you are familiar with how bad news travels faster and is remembered longer than good news.  This means that you have to do about 4-5 good things for every not so good thing you do.  That is how you keep a balance.

Similarly, customer experiences will have a recency effect also.  The last portion of their experience will carry the most weight in their overall rating of their experience.  For this reason, you have to be very sure  you do a very nice job with all the finer details even when the transaction is over.    There is a grocery store near me that has not mastered this concept.  They have great fresh food, excellent selection and other things that contribute to a top notch user experience.

Unfortunately, the paper bags they provide have an issue with the handles.  On more than one occasion, the handles have failed resulting in a scramble to keep the groceries from spilling all over the place.

In this instance, these were an “afterthought” for the store.  If they had a good handle on the recency effect, they would understand that this is a CRUCIAL aspect to the shopping experience, trumping most other shopping experiences.

In your business, dont skimp on the bags (or whatever they customers takes home from you).  It could leave a lasting negative impression, even if you do everything else right!

To deliver a fabulous customer experience, you have to end in a fabuloous way!