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Say It Visually – Use Infographics

Did you get all the way through your to do list today?  Spend as much time as you wanted with your family?  Got a good workout in?  Caught up on your reading?  OF COURSE NOT!  But don’t feel bad – none of the rest of us did either.  We all have too much to do and not enough time to do it.  Even the technology innovations that are supposed to make our lives simpler only seem to add to the problem.  The answer to all of this – unfortunately there is none.  We have to search for small victories.  Little things that help us and our colleagues become more efficient.  Save us a few minutes here and there.  Infographics are one of the tools you can use to help people save a little time.


Infographics Offer A Refreshing Way to Present A Lot of Information In A Short Period Of Time

Infographics are becoming more and more prominent and offer us an exciting way to present a lot of information in a concise, interesting manner.  Instead of the status quo of presenting page after page of routine, look-alike tables and graphs, infographics are the opposite.  Colorful, informative, and refreshing, infograhics allow the reader to absorb a large amount of information in a very short period of time.

To get a feel for variety of infographics that are out there – click here.

If you are in sales, infographics are a great way to stand out (at least for now) versus the competition.  Let’s assume you are putting a proposal together for a customer.  Your typical proposal includes charts, graphs, and other valuable bits of information.  If you take all of this and hand it over to an infographics desgner, the result will separate you from the competition.  Remember, with marketing you can either blend in or stand out.  If you always do your best to stand out, your results will be OUTSTANDING.

I suggest you do turn this over to a professional designer.  While there are packages out there to build your own, my experience is that the result is not as good as if you hand it over to a professional.  You can see the difference readily.  It will cost a little to get it done professionally, but the results are better and doing so will allow you to focus on driving the numbers, not in presenting them!