Names Are A Big Deal in Marketing– Part II

There is a pizza place North of Chicago “Madhu’s Pizza” – it just closed in the last year or so.  I don’t know about you, but when I am looking for a pizza place, I look for some sort of Italian flavor.  My personal favorite is Lou Malnati’s here in Chicago.  Wonderful Pizza and a good name.

Now let’s talk about Madhu’s pizza.  I am sure Madhu is a fine fellow who makes a nice pizza (I have never tried it) but I do know that Madhu should have chosen a different name.  I will bet he worked very hard in putting the money together to build his restaurant.  By the time he was ready to launch, he was probably so proud and so excited there was only one name the establishment could be.  Unfortunately using his own name was a mistake.  Madhu apparently let his own personal pride take precedence over what is truly best for his business.  He would have been far better off choosing “Antonio’s” or “Tina’s”.

Everything you do from a marketing standpoint should be “customer-centric”.  That is the first question to ask yourself, “What would the customer want” (WWCW).  If you are continually focused on the customers, they will be far more likely to focus on you.

Swallow your pride, and choose your name based on what the customers are looking for, not just to satisfy your ego.