Make Your Choice – Blend in or Stand Out

I probably first heard this phrase in a marketing textbook many years ago, but of all of the marketing concepts to adhere to, this would be number one.  If you ask people what the key to marketing they product or service, they will all not their head in agreement that differentiation is key.  But differentiation needs to be one of the pillars to your business, just like you have a sales strategy, customer retention strategy, social media strategy, you also need to have a differentiation strategy.

Try to pretend you are not a marketing expert, or a business owner, etc. Make a concerted effort to detach yourself from your business, and try to channel the thoughts and motivations of your customer.  What do i see when i look at the packaging of the product.  What kind of experience do I have when I call in to our call center?  Why would I buy (your company’s product or service) versus that of the competition?  The answer to each of these questions provides you with a “point of differentiation”.  If you do a good job of exploiting these points of differentiation, the aggregate result of these efforts is a product or service that is differentiated in many ways.

Differentiation is the engine for growth.  Don’t blend in.  Be FABULOUS!