Make it All Great

I recommend you read Jim Collins’ classic business book “Good to Great”.  Great read – and applies to all aspect of business, Marketing of course included as well.

While you should still read the whole book, one of the central themes is that to become a great business, you have to do every little thing great.  The collective result is that it all adds up to being a great entity.

This point obviously holds true with your Marketing – you can’t do some of it “great” and then let other parts go.  You have to be “consistently great”.  The old cliche is that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link – that is the point exactly.

Can’t just be great in some areas – it must transcend all aspects of your business.  All customer touches, communications, packaging, staff apparel and messaging (another future post), every single element.

If you can dot every I and cross every T – VOILA – you will have FABULOUS marketing.