Discover Card Campaign – Brilliant Commercials


discover - customer54discover - Agent54am impressed with the current Discover television commercials where the message is “We treat you like you’d treat you“. You can view one of the commercials here.

The series of commercials is particularly effective for 2 reasons:

  1. They are stressing the importance of relating to the caller/customer
  2. They target an emotional hot button we all have – frustrations with calling large companies for help with some kind of issue. Face it – we all dread it. We are typically faced with recorded prompts, off-sre operators who sometimes present a language challenge, bouncing from person to person, etc.

Discover lowers our anxiety and fears by presenting the call in experience as one that will be comfortable, easy, and will be with a person who is so much like you it could be your long lost sibling!

The lessons here are:

  • Choose a customer pain point
  • Provide a “clear path” solution to that pain point (no ambiguity)
  • Make it memorable, with humor if possible

Discover nails it on all fronts. It makes me want to sign up for a Discover card!