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Two Key Steps

Yesterday we mentioned the importance of following the first key step in marketing – finding out what the customer wants.

For some reason even thought his is EXTREMELY important, it often goes ignored.  We often kid ourselves into thinking we are so smart we can “figure out” what the customers need.  After all, we are “experts”.

The true leaders in this field do not even bother wasting their time to “figure it out”.  In fact, the best of the best don’t even worry about asking people their opinions and desires (they could get some bias – more on that another time).  They realize that actions speak louder than words, and devote their energies to observing behavior.

So the goal is to figure out what customers want – spend most of your time on this.  If you can’t practically observe customer actions and tendencies, then go ahead and ask them.  Once you have this, finding a way to get it to them becomes much easier.



Marketing Is Simple, Just Not Easy

Spending over 25 years doing marketing of various sorts, I have come to realize some simple truths.  First of all many folks try to paint the profession of marketing as some sort of elusive pursuit that can only be accomplished by a select few who have been blessed with the genius required to unlock these mysteries and create an effective marketing campaign.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of examples of “bad marketing” out there in this world of ours.  However a lot of it originates from these so called “experts”.  My point here today is to explain to you that you dont have to be a “genius” to create and implement an effective marketing plan.  It involves two key steps.

  • Find out what the customer wants.
  • Find a way to get them what they want

There it is – the secret recipe for marketing genius!  Simple – yes.  Easy – NO!!!!  people often get wrapped up in trying to figure out what number 2 is, that they forget the important first step.

More on these key steps in our next post.  Stay tuned!