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Marketing Strategy and Planning<

Marketing Strategy and Planning

Unlike other key “must have” business functions like Payroll, and Sales, Marketing Strategy is typically a “Nice to Have” function, that is often ignored.

We can help you develop an informed, practical Marketing Strategy that will align your individual marketing tactics with a clearly defined overall strategy.



With technology options expanding at an ever-increasing pace, it is challenging to determine which solutions will help “move the needle” to fuel your growth.

We can help you create an overall Technology Strategy which will identify the right tools for your ecosystem that will help you grow your bottom line.


McKinsey & Company states that change initiatives fail to meet their goals 70% of the time. These struggles result from poorly “managing” the change. It requires true “Leadership”.

Our Change Management (Leadership) capabilities incorporate a sequence of tactics and communications that help ensure your change initiative is effectively integrated throughout your organization.


When you consider all of the ways you communicate with your customers, pricing is one of the most important. Pricing has strong influence on your perceived quality and the value you customers attach to your products and services.

We can help ensure your Pricing Strategy is aligned with your overall Marketing Strategy.

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    Mike is very skilled at developing strategy that drives results. His broad experience helps clients uncover their true needs, which is often not what they originally thought they should do. Mike just knows what works, and his practical approach helps clients control their spend, and still achieve success.
    AdeptPlus Web Design
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    McMahon’s holistic business consultation allowed me to create and implement a solid marketing plan. I now have a clear understanding of my complete business, and a targeted and efficient approach to my marketing. The process was eye-opening and very beneficial.
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    I have worked with McMahon and Associates on a number of projects. I am impressed with the discipline and planning expertise they bring to marketing development. They make sure positioning, messaging and branding are consistent, and of course effective.
    Craftsman Media
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    McMahon and Associates knows what works in the real world, and have an impressive track record of success. By truly understanding the customers' needs, they build powerful messaging and tactics that really drive results.