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Good luck Amy – stay safe out there!!!

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From Michael McMahon Marketing: New Marketing Campaign? Strive to ... - … [Continue reading]

New Marketing Campaign? Strive to “Fail Quickly”


To Succeed Faster, Consider Embracing Failure No one builds a marketing campaign to fail, right? While you certainly don’t want to fail intentionally, it is the failure itself that often paves the way to future success. Think of small failures as … [Continue reading]

Digital Project Planning: Beware The “Magic Wand” Syndrome

The Magic Wand

The "Technology Challenged" Often Think The Technology Itself Can Make Up For Poor Project Planning There is a fairly prevalent situation that occurs in which technology savvy team members are asked to transform a half-baked idea/concept into some … [Continue reading]

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Larry Ellison takes the stage at Open World! … [Continue reading]

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From Michael McMahon Marketing: Driving VS Measuring - The ... - … [Continue reading]

Driving VS Measuring – The “Metrics Ratio”

Metrics Image

Having an Unhealthy Metrics Ratio Can Have a Negative Impact On Your Results We all love metrics.  We can't wait until the latest reporting period is over, so we can start digging into the numbers to see how we did.  The anticipation is … [Continue reading]

Tweet from michaelmcmahon7 “If you think you are beaten, you are, If you think you dare not, you don’t If you like to win, but you think... … [Continue reading]

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Replatforming your Web site is like doing surgery - you need to keep the site alive and well while you do your work to get things fixed. … [Continue reading]

Customer Experience Issues? You Are Not Alone!

Bad Customer Experience

Firms Slow in Delivering Better Customer Experiences The concept of "good customer experience" has been around for a long time.  Those of us involved in sales and marketing know the common phrases:  "Customers first"  . . . "The customer is … [Continue reading]

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