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Replatforming your Web site is like doing surgery – you need to keep the site alive and well while you do your work to get things fixed.

Customer Experience Issues? You Are Not Alone!

Bad Customer Experience

Firms Slow in Delivering Better Customer Experiences The concept of "good customer experience" has been around for a long time.  Those of us involved in sales and marketing know the common phrases:  "Customers first"  . . . "The customer is … [Continue reading]

Listening Skills in Selling

Listening Skills

When you read articles or hear discussions on communication skills, the focus is on the content (the words).  Be concise, maintain interest, avoid cliché's, etc.  In my view the most important element to good communication is often left out: … [Continue reading]

The Importance of Data Curation

Bad Data Curation

A curator at a museum is responsible for the acquisition, care, and in some cases the removal of items from the museum's collection.  Data curation is a similar concept, but instead of museum pieces the data curator is responsible for the data used … [Continue reading]

Do You Know Your Readability Score?


The readability score of the content you write is one key to the effectiveness of your marketing materials.    A common measure of the readability of copy is the Flesch Readability Score.  You can check the score of your writing by using this … [Continue reading]

Say It Visually – Use Infographics


Did you get all the way through your to do list today?  Spend as much time as you wanted with your family?  Got a good workout in?  Caught up on your reading?  OF COURSE NOT!  But don't feel bad - none of the rest of us did either.  We all have … [Continue reading]

Embracing Innovation


Innovation is a fact of life.  It always has been, always will be.  Just comes at us faster now.  Embracing innovation has always been a path for companies to achieve quantum leaps in status/market share. You have two options when your business … [Continue reading]

Pursuing SEO? You Can’t Outsmart Google!

Google Logo

I can tell you without hesitation two basic truths related to SEO. There are no reliable, lasting shortcuts to SEO You can become your own SEO guru "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is".  This common cliché' is certainly … [Continue reading]

Normalizing Data

Normalizing Data - Removing Outliers

When analyzing data, it is important to do some housekeeping on the raw data before you perform your analysis.  Normalizing data is the process of removing "outliers" and other oddities in the data.  These rogue pieces of data  can corrupt your … [Continue reading]

Planning with a Marketing Calendar


Ask any successful businessperson, and they will explain the virtues of planning.  It also goes way beyond business, as planning is prevalent in life success, sports, politics, and of course in war.  There is an interesting quote from General … [Continue reading]

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